Mean Girls at GHS? Yes, there were mean girls at GHS too – one day, as I’m in the girl’s washroom, a nice girl comes out of the stall, washes her hands and says “Hi, Betty”, and I said Hi back with a smile. She was so sweet – I recognized her but did not know her name, so after she left the washroom, I asked other girls “Do you know that girl’s name?” and they answered “Yes, it’s Rotunda”. I said thank you, and the next time I saw that girl and she said Hi to me, I said “Hi, Rotunda!” with a big smile. She gave me a strange look and did not reply. It wasn’t until many years after I graduated that the term “rotunda” came up in some other context, and all of a sudden, it hit me! OMG, I called that sweet girl Rotunda! Frikkin’ Mean Girls got me!!! I’ve wished ever since that I could tell her that she and I were both victims of the Mean Girls of 1970… Sigh. Can she ever forgive me?????