Do you have some fond, or even not so fond, memories of your years at Gloucester? A memorable class trip? A friendship that bloomed? A championship? A musical performance? Is there something from your Gloucester days that you would like to get off your chest? Do you want to apologize to someone? Do you want to share your secret crush? Did you cheat on tests? This is the time and place to do it!

Anonymous, class of 1974

Skipping classes was very cool way back then. A group of us sometimes went (by thumb) to the Maple Leaf Hotel (for a quart) or the Lafontaine Hotel (to shoot pool and have a beer) or we walked over to Shopper’s City East (for fries and gravy). Now that I think back, I can’t believe we got away with it.

Anonymous, class of 1976

There were 4 of us hiding in the shower when PT did room checks on our band trip to Toronto. 75 or 76?

Anonymous, class of 1974

With my friend, swigging down a mickey of lemon gin in the back school parking lot just before the GHS Dance – oh my god – the first time did not have such a good ending … barf.

Betty Moore, class of 1974

Mean Girls at GHS? Yes, there were mean girls at GHS too – one day, as I’m in the girl’s washroom, a nice girl comes out of the stall, washes her hands and says “Hi, Betty”, and I said Hi back with a smile. She was so sweet – I recognized her but did not know her name, so after she left the washroom, I asked other girls “Do you know that girl’s name?” and they answered “Yes, it’s Rotunda”. I said thank you, and the next time I saw that girl and she said Hi to me, I said “Hi, Rotunda!” with a big smile. She gave me a strange look and did not reply. It wasn’t until many years after I graduated that the term “rotunda” came up in some other context, and all of a sudden, it hit me! OMG, I called that sweet girl Rotunda! Frikkin’ Mean Girls got me!!! I’ve wished ever since that I could tell her that she and I were both victims of the Mean Girls of 1970… Sigh. Can she ever forgive me?????

Brenda Kropp, class of 1976

I skipped my Grade 11 typing class at least three days of the week. I passed with 60%. I’m not sure how I got that grade!?

Anonymous, class of 1974

I failed Grade 9 typing. My dad was crazy mad. He called the school and asked what kind of typewriters the students used then he went out and bought me the exact same model – an Olympia manual typewriter – and then he made me practice the whole summer for one hour a day. Who fails Grade 9 typing? Moi.