Diana Real


Diana was a brilliant spark of life that touched so many of us with her kindness, humor, love, and ageless spirit. Her passing was a shock to everyone.

As we cope with this tragedy, we are thankful for all she brought us, and thankful for our tremendous friends and neighbors Stan, Gabriel and Julian.


To celebrate the beautiful life and memory of our dear friend, a memorial service was held Sunday, November 21st at 2 p.m. at the San Mateo County Mounted Patrol in Woodside, California.

The event was filled with music, stories and memories of wonderful Diana.

Music was played by Steve Brown, Ray McNaughton, Ted Sprague and Jim Nadell. Stories and memories were shared by Nikki Johnson, Stan Goldberg, Jennifer Edwards, Rod Real, Robert Real, Tim Self, Patti Michelsen, Diane Eskanazi, Rika Sujanski, Michele Colucci, Stacey Wiley Cathey, Liz and Mark Amini-Holmes.