Event Registration

STEP 1: General information

Step 2: Mandatory to Complete

Alumni Directory. This will be a password protected area of the website which will have only the information that you give us permission to include. The purpose is to make it easy for people to connect/reconnect on an ongoing basis. If you give permission, we will send you a specific form to complete where you can indicate which details can be shared.

We plan to publish the following information on our website. Please checkmark each item you give permission to be publicized. *
Guest List. This list of names only, i.e. no other personal information, will be published on our website and on social media so people can see if any of their friends are coming. Please indicate if we may publish your name on our guest list. *


Step 3: Participation

Friday June 23, 2023

Saturday June 24, 2023


Optional Saturday activities (depending on number of interested attendees)