Gator Gear

Because of the financial risk associated with purchasing items in advance and risking them not being sold, the committee decided to create an online store. Items ordered from June 20th onwards will be available after the reunion. The store will remain open until Friday August 4th and orders can be placed online until then. When ready, the items can be picked up from a gator home in Blackburn Hamlet or they can be shipped to you. You can make the shipping decision later as well instead of at the time of the order placement if you’re unsure. Any items being picked up in Blackburn will need to be picked up by November 30, 2023.

If you have any questions about the store, please send them to or call/text 613-979-4564 (Satinder). These are the 2 designs that are being used for Gator Gear. Please note that logo colours and placement will vary depending on the item. The mockups in the store are to give you a rough idea of how they will look.